This idea was born... a long time ago. 

When exactly is that, you type A's might be asking?  I'm not so sure an answer could be declared.

Was it born with the stars? The time I chose to in

Was it the time I thought to myself circa 2014, "I'm having a spiritual awakening?"

Was it almost a year ago when I bought a one way ticket to Asia and purchased a domain?

Or was it born, piece by piece with everyone along the way who has acted like bumpers, keeping me aligned with the truth of who I really am?


I can't give you a solid answer.  Nor do I want to, because when we think we know the answer it closes the doors to all other possibilities.  


Here's what I can tell you instead.  


I am a yogi.  

This, I knew from the first class (*that I connected with -- there is an important distinction between "taking a yoga class" and actually connecting with one.)

Affirmed by the yogic nun named Shanti whom I encountered while doing trail work on the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in the mystical San Luis valley of  Colorado.  


I don't identify as a teacher of heath or vinyasa or power or core or any other box you could put around it.  I teach yoga.  On and off the mat.  My classes are a container of experience as a means to connect with our ultimate selves. 


I am courageous, and also maybe a bit numb.  People would say it is brave to pack up all your shit and move across the world with no plan and no contact.  

But I'm also a manifestor.   Well, I'm actually a Generator, according to Human Design.  But I've studied a lot about manifesting.  And lived with and worked for  a manifestor to see how it's done.  How to take an idea and make it reality, one small step, leap and belief of faith along the way.

I have clear vision.  Some days I have enough belief to make it all work and hold the sight.  Other days, the doubt and fear creeps in.  My success is in the ability to keep it swung towards higher vibrations.  


What else?  I'm an 8 life path.  The symbol of infinity. 

I measure my life in song and dance.  And am working on smiling more.  And opening my heart to trust humans more.  It's a work in progress.